Bill Simmons: Michael Vick’s redemption

This is absolutely spot on: Michael Vick is actually just another man who made mistakes, paid his debt to society and has risen above his past. His success story is the success story of anyone who’s ever screwed up and made it back to the light. And this passage is absolutely true:

“Much like how O.J. Simpson raised awareness about domestic abuse, Vick did the same for animal abuse. Both men did it unwittingly and disgraced themselves in the process, but there’s a crucial difference: By continuing his football career, becoming an animal rights activist and repeatedly acknowledging his mistakes, Vick will do more good than harm. That’s what made it so crazy when PETA protested during the early stages of Vick’s comeback. What was it protesting? That a contrite person who paid for his sins and vowed to be an animal rights advocate … um … shouldn’t do those things? An organization allegedly devoted to the welfare of animals chose to antagonize someone who, whether it liked it or not, could now improve the welfare of animals. Savvy! But hey, that’s America in the 21st century for you: Extremists tend to favor being extreme over exercising common sense.”

Bill Simmons: Michael Vick’s redemption

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