Star Wars Uncut is the best kind of rip-off

I know I’m a hundred years late, but the Internet project to re-shoot – scene by scene – Star Wars, vote on the best 15-second clips and recombine it all into its original sequencing is one of the more brilliant things you’ll see online. Sure, it kind of rips off the plot of “Be Kind Rewind,” in which employees at a video store have to re-shoot all the movies in the store’s collection, but it’s the best possible evolution of that idea: It gets the entire world involved. 

The characters in the movie are represented at various times by people, trash bags, masks, sticks with signs, paper bags, toys and animation. Each new scene brings with it a kind of gleeful wonder – at how each scene was made, who made it and what other submissions this particular scene beat out in the voting to make it into the final cut.

It’s a fantastic and beautiful project and I can only hope they bring this concept to the rest of the series. At this point, I think rip-offs can only build on the glory of the original concept.

Star Wars Uncut

Star Wars Uncut is the best kind of rip-off

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