Batman Inc.: The only comic I’m reading

At first it sounds a bit like Batman’s decided to rip off the Iron Man concept: Billionaire Bruce Wayne announces he’s in league with the Batman, has been bankrolling his crime fighting enterprise for ages, and is opening up his vaults to recruit a global troop of agile, intelligent and upwardly mobile do-gooders to fight under the Batman brand.

But then you read the books and you realize: This is as Batman as it gets. This is old-school Batman, a mystery unfurling within a mystery every issue, callbacks to Golden-Age characters barely heard of in decades suddenly taking central roles in the story. Every page deepens the tale as Bruce/Batman circles the planet taking on local superhero talent as he attempts to crack the code of Oroboro.

The series is on issue five, and it feels like writer Grant Morrison is contentedly pitching from his wheelhouse with every pane. I suggest you catch up.

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