Let’s play two: Sklarbro Country and How Did This Get Made podcasts

When I’m at work, I do two things: work and listen to podcasts. Podcasts get me through my day, so when I choose to add a podcast to the lineup, it’d better be quality or it’s getting yanked out like so many gray hairs.

The Sklar Bros., Randy and Jason, formerly of “Cheap Seats,” a sports-themed basic cable comedy show, have a podcast that has me eagerly anticipating each Friday for new episodes. It’s called Sklarbro Country, and while it’s billed as a sports podcast, the brothers Sklar ruminate on a great many subjects, and make jokes about sports that even most non-sports fans can appreciate. It also helps that they have great taste in guests, ranging from comedy writer Rob Delaney to metal nerd comic Brian Posehn and admitted sports know-little Paul Scheer.

And speaking of Mr. Scheer, he has a podcast on the same website (Earwolf) by the name of How Did This Get Made? that is also well worth your weekly-ish attention. Scheer, along with comedy buddies June Diane Raphael, Jason Mantzoukas and weekly guests ranging from the delightful Paul F. Tompkins to Matt Walsh, view a crappy movie and pick it apart with hilarious efficiency over the course of about a half-hour to 40 minutes (or, less time than it takes to watch the crappy movie yourself). Recent episodes have skewered “The Tourist,” “Fast Five,” “Green Lantern” and “The Smurfs.” Some movies, as you’ll hear, are so uproariously bad that they actually win over these cinematic heroes.

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