“American Horror Story” is scary good

An intern at the place I work told me the other day about this show called “American Horror Story.” It’s scary, she said, but it’s so good. Said intern also likes the “Twilight” series, so you might forgive me for doubting her taste at first. But guys, I looked into it. I watched the first two episodes of the new FX series on Hulu.

It’s so good.

Yes, it’s got some scary parts. It’s got tension. It’s psychologically taut. But it’s also got some comedy. And it’s a touch campy. And it’s definitely kind of sexy. But the acting is great and the writing is good and the cinematography is perfectly executed. It’s essentially a haunted house story with a mix of adultery and psychoanalysis from the guys who brought us “Nip/Tuck” and “Glee.”

If you can handle a little gore and a little profanity and you don’t mind a little creepiness, give it a shot. I can almost promise you it’ll win you over.

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