Vacationer: Refresh yourself aurally

A lot of times bands that are dubbed “SXSW/Coachella/other-indieish-festival darlings” annoy me. Actually, their new fans annoy me, because I’m a snob and by the time everyone and their hipster sister is hyping a band or act (see: Arcade Fire, Alabama Shakes, Lana Del Rey, etc.), I’m already sick of hearing about them and, let’s be honest, the talent doesn’t usually match the hype. A lot of “OK” bands and artists get elevated to critical mass due to a few hot live performances in sweaty tents.

That said, I don’t know how many other people out there are singing the praises of Vacationer, but, uh, I am. *Slides on shades*

They claim “the eastern seaboard” as their home, but I think more accurately, this deliciously dreamy “nu-hula” band hails from Philadelphia. I don’t suppose that matters much, because as they state on their Facebook page, they aim to take you on an instant vacation with their songs. 

I’d say that’s mission accomplished. Order the album, “Gone,” on Amazon in physical or digital form.

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