Take a Chance: Don’t sleep on “Acid Rap”

I’m blogging professionally (and somewhat poorly so far) about comedy for the newspaper I work for and I’ve started a pop culture focused blog  called Comics Clubhouse with a friend, so I apologize for neglecting this space. But every once in a while I have something that’s really worth Recommending, so I’m going to try to make more of a habit out of quick drop-ins to let you know about it, like the old days.

“Yeezus” has taken up a lot of my time lately because it’s a Great Album and Kanye West is a mad genius and all of that, but there have been a few other albums that have also managed to grab my attention between spins of “Black Skinhead.”


One is the free mixtape “Acid Rap” by Chicago’s Chance The Rapper. Chance has this great combo of sing-song raps, a varied and interesting flow, great beats and a lot of thought-provoking lyrical content. He’s pretty great already and he’s only 20.

The Internet has been falling in love with him for a while so I’m a little behind, but please catch up if you like good hip-hop. Go download “Acid Rap” here at Chance’s website and enjoy.

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