Turkey Hill Double Dunker ice cream is double delicious

Turkey Hill has a newish ice cream flavor called Double Dunker that wormed its way into my heart with just that little image in the upper left corner of the carton there: An Oreo-like cookie and a chocolate chip cookie dramatically splashing into a cup of coffee. What more is there to say? My wife said the coffee flavored ice cream in this tastes more like a chocolate milkshake than coffee. I disagree, I definitely taste the coffee notes in it, but she’s not totally incorrect in the sense that the Oreo-ish cookie flavor is represented herein by a RIBBON of OREO-LIKE FUDGE that gives the whole affair a delicious chocolatey glow. A RIBBON of COOKIE-BASED FUDGE. You know that Biscoff Cookie Spread they make? The existence of this ice cream makes me dream of a day when we have Oreo-flavored cookie spread. That dream gives my waking hours a little extra bounce.

For that and for the excellent combination of cookie dough, COOKIE FUDGE RIBBON and coffee ice cream, I heartily recommend this ice cream. Find it in your grocer’s freezer aisle and share in my dream, friends.

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