Albanese: The best gummy candy you can buy

I’ve been on a serious gummy worm binge lately. It all started about a month ago, when I impulse-purchased a bag of these self-proclaimed “World’s Best” Albanese Mini Gummy Worms near the checkout of my local grocery store. They were really good and I was thinking “man, why don’t I eat gummy worms more often? These are great!” So the next time I was out and saw some other brand of gummy worms I bought those. They … weren’t so great. A rare dud, I figured, and bought yet another brand later that week. These were also not so great. Lots of really astringent flavors; some truly Windex-ass gummy flavors up in those worms. I repeated this cycle a couple more times, also taking the time to grab more of the Albanese and do some head-to-head flavor comparisons.

So as it turns out, these Albanese Mini Gummy Worms really are the best in the damn world. By a country mile. I haven’t tried the weird sour flavors, and I don’t think I will. Why mess with perfection?

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