All I really wanna do is Zing-a-Zing-ah: KFC’s surprising Zinger


I’m a fan of spicy chicken sandwiches, and I must admit that even the cheap-o ones tend to satisfy me (to wit: the spicy chicken biscuit sandwiches on offer at 7-Eleven for $1 and change are decent, at least to me), so perhaps this is a your-mileage-may-vary warning but:

I really found myself surprised by the quality of the KFC Zinger, a smallish, but still filling spicy chicken sandwich. I don’t eat at KFC too often, so I don’t know if the spice profile on display with the Zinger is indicative of any past or present spicy chicken offerings there (perhaps some sort of chicken fingers situation that I’m not familiar with), but it’s good. It brought to mind immediately the spiciness of the Wendy’s spicy chicken sandwich, which is sort of the O.G. fast food spicy chicken sandwich for me. And at something like $2.50 less than the Wendy’s spicy chicken sandwich value meal, the $5 Fill Up is a superior value proposition.

For $5, you get the sandwich, a good number of potato wedges, a cookie, and a drink. Not bad at all, KFC; not bad at all.

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