Disclosure’s back

I’m 36. I’ve never been to a proper EDM show. I keep my finger on the pulse of what’s “hot” in music, but I rarely click with what is moving on the charts, so to speak. That said, I find EDM to be somewhat harder to keep up with. I honestly have no idea what’s considered proper these days, versus what is poseur music, or what is played out, etc.

All this to say I’ve been a huge fan of Disclosure for several years now, and in my experience if an act has been around for more than a few years in the EDM/dance/electronic scene, there’s a decent chance said act is now viewed as “passe” in some circles. I don’t know if that’s true for Disclosure, an English duo who more or less make the kind of songs I would make if I had the talent, the kind of act I click with on a visceral level, but if it is, I guess I’ll have to embrace my poseur status.

I love Disclosure’s tracks. I thought “Magnets” off of their last LP, “Caracal,” was one of the best pop songs I’d heard in several years. And now, they’ve been delivering a flurry of new music via their YouTube channel, which, yes, I am subscribed to, and on notification status.

I think my favorite of the new crop is this really different retro sounding track “Where Angels Fear To Tread,” which makes me think of what might happen if Avalanches and Disclosure got together in the studio.

Then again, this fantastic jazzy track featuring Fatoumata Diawara that came out in May is also a great example of how Disclosure uses a somewhat limited vocabulary of backing beats and drum sounds to lay a familiar foundation for an eclectic, different, and interesting (not to mention dance as hell) track.

Supposedly, there is “no new album in the pipeline,” but given that like five new tracks have suddenly materialized, it seems unlikely there won’t be ANYTHING involving all this new music in the next several months. But then again, lots of EDM artists release random tracks that never go onto a traditional LP release, so who can really be sure?

In any event, I want these tracks on my phone so I can listen to them all the time.

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