Bubble Boys: NBA YouTubers giving a glimpse into life in the bubble

There are a lot of players documenting life inside the NBA bubble on the campus of Disney World in Orlando, Fla., but I feel compelled to give a quick recommendation for three of them. Lakers center and irrepressible personality Javale McGee has started a YouTube series called Life in the Bubble, in which he brings the viewer along for his daily routine in a classic vlog style while giving love and some playful ribbing to fellow players, food service workers, training staff, media, coaches, and basically anyone who crosses his path.

Young Sixers guard Matisse Thybulle is also doing the bubble vlog thing, but with a bit more of an avant garde editing style. I dig it as well.

And finally, I’ll give a shout out to Nuggets guard Troy Daniels, who was already a Twitch streamer in his pre-COVID life and is also documenting bubble life, including getting stuff for his streamer set-up in his hotel room.

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