Shelf-Stable Star: Maruchan Taste of Asia Spicy Miso Ramen

I’m going back to my roots of reviewing cheap-ass food today because of this little bowl of dehydrated vegetables and chicken (!), noodles, and “flavor packet.” I wouldn’t recommend eating instant noodles on a daily basis or anything, but when (or if) the urge arises, I must say these Maruchan Taste of Asia bowls (99 cents at my local grocer vs. the 15 cents per Maruchan instant ramen “brick”) are pretty satisfying.

I generally have to add a lot of extras to instant ramen to make it taste better. A splash of fish sauce, some soy sauce, a dash of chili sauce, some chives if I have them, an egg if I’m feeling fancy. This one, though, comes with a surprisingly tasty flavor mix, featuring a lightly warming spiciness and earthy miso. I didn’t add anything to it, but it is even better with an egg, and if you like more spice, obviously a bit more chili sauce won’t hurt.

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