More like WIN-ger: Tate’s gluten free ginger zinger cookies

Before we get started, a couple of disclaimers. First, I am not gluten intolerant, but my wife is, so I’ve had occasion to dip into the world of gluten free foods, and have been mostly pleasantly surprised at the quality of stuff out there. These Tate’s ginger zingers are gluten free, made with rice flour.

Second, I’m not always the biggest fan of really strong ginger stuff, like ginger candies or strong brewed ginger beer. But I WOULD say, if asked, yes, I like ginger, generally. If you do not, the cookies I’m Recommending here are NOT for you.

I’ve had my share of ginger snaps in my time. Some have been kinda light on flavor. Others have had enough ginger burn to create that hot breath sensation real ginger can produce. These cookies from Tate’s, though, are a class of their own.

For starters, let’s just push the gluten free thing out the window. I eat a lot of cookies, and if I hadn’t known ahead of time that these were gluten free, I wouldn’t have guessed. These are good cookies, period, albeit perhaps a bit pricier than many other pre-packaged cookies.

They’re crisp and crunchy. There’s a strong, rich brown-butter flavor. And then, every couple of centimeters, there’s a chunk of chewy candied ginger. And that’s what sets this cookie apart. Those chunks of ginger goodness are sweet and hot and zingy in all the best ways, and they bring a dimension of punch I’m not used to in a cookie.

Again, if you don’t like ginger, you’ll likely gag on these. If you like ginger, or you’re an experimental sort, check these out if you can find them.

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