Meet Tinchy Stryder, Britain’s humblest rap star

VBS’ The Creators Project is a semiregular documentary profile series that looks at some of the world’s more talented artistic minds. Tinchy Stryder, a name well known by music fans in the United Kingdom, is the subject of the latest, and his story is an inspiring one. He was born in Ghana in 1986 and moved to London as a kid, where he started rapping with neighborhood pals and by age 14 had started performing on some of the city’s most beloved Pirate Radio stations. He released his first album last year, “Star In The Hood,” and inadvertently created a fashion smash hit when he printed off some T-shirts that read simply “Star In The Hood” to promote the record.

Now young Tinchy, a man who raps about love and loss and missing his mom in his distinctive East-London Grime style, is atop the charts again, still selling T-shirts and, as he says, still hungry, still eager to work and perform and give his fans good music to enjoy.

Meet Tinchy Stryder – The Creators Project (Video)

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