The You Made It Weird podcast with Pete Holmes

Pete Holmes is a pretty great comedian and I heartily endorse his new album, “Impregnated With Wonder,” which the above bit is from.

Pete, as it turns out, also has a pretty great podcast. Plenty of comedians have podcasts and plenty of them are good, but not all of them are. A podcast has to be pretty solid to join my regular podcast rotation (which is pretty well full at this point). The You Made It Weird podcast on the Nerdist network is Pete’s time to sit down with an impressive lineup of comics (so far) including his good buddy TJ Miller, Chelsea Peretti, Dave Coulier, podcast guru Marc Maron, Jim Gaffigan and Sarah Silverman and talk about why they’re weird.

The episodes average about an hour and 20 minutes a piece, so it’s a good chunk of conversation in the mold of Maron’s WTF, and while it’s true that it covers a lot of the same ground as WTF (personal fears, childhood, alternate careers, stand-up background, stories from the road), Pete’s a genuinely funny, interesting and sorta weirdly optimistic guy who provides a different take on the Big Questions than eternal cynic Marc Maron.

That said, if you like Maron’s show, you’ll probably like this one, too, but for slightly different reasons.

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