Vintage Vinyl: Steal (Download) This Book by Abbie Hoffman

Remember “Steal This Book” by revolutionary Yippie anti-war, anti-fascist activist Abbie Hoffman? Well now you don’t need to worry about shoplifting charges to get it in the spirit it was intended: It’s all available for free online.

It’s the definitive guide on how to live the renegade lifestyle, or, as Abbie himself said, “a manual of survival in the prison that is Amerika. … It calls on the Robin Hoods of Santa Barbara Forest to steal from the robber barons who own the castles of capitalism. … To steal from a brother or sister is evil. To not steal from the institutions that are the pillars of the Pig Empire is equally immoral.”

Well, you heard the man!

Vintage Vinyl: Steal (Download) This Book by Abbie Hoffman

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